Not Sure


Not sure if you'll like it? A try dive gives you the opportunity to give diving a go in a safe and controlled environment to see if you’ll enjoy it!

Diving in UK waters is exciting and fun but is different to warm water diving on holiday abroad. So that you can decide whether UK diving is for you our try dives take place in the sea on the Scottish coast. We use a couple of local commercial dive schools to provide the try dives as they are also able to provide all the equipment you will need. They make sure it’s informal and relaxed, and you won’t be under pressure at any time.



You need to be able to swim and be confident in the water.


What happens on a Try Dive?

You will have a safety briefing to teach you how the SCUBA diving equipment works, and explain the underwater environment. Then the instructor will help you get the kit on takes you into shallow water. Once you’re settled in the instructor will help you descend a few meters underwater. You’ll spend about 45 minutes swimming around with the instructor enjoying the peace and calm of the underwater environment.

After your try dive if you decide diving is for you then you can join the club and start your training!


How do I arrange a try dive?

Simply contact us at . We’ll ask you to come along to one of our weekly meetings at the Inverness Leisure Centre (Aquadome) Bught Lane IV35SS to meet us, and give you the opportunity to find out more about us, our diving and our training.

We will give you details of when we are running try dives in the pool or other dive schools that provides the try dives.