Many divers learn to dive with other agencies such as ScotSAC or PADI, perhaps when they were abroad on holiday. Others learn their technical skills from the specialist technical agencies such as TDI and IANTD.

While we are a BSAC branch we welcome all qualified divers and are happy for them to dive to their existing qualification levels on appropriate club dives following a check out dive and providing they have suitable liability insurance. BSAC provide this insurance for members.  BSAC recognise the qualifications offered by other agencies and there is a simple crossover process. This allows you to stay at your existing level and dive with the club or get your future training through the club following the BSAC scheme.

BSAC also recognise many of the technical qualifications you may have gained through the technical agencies and allow you to dive using these qualifications. Our Diving Officer and Training Officer will always be happy to discuss this further with you.