Ocean Diver Training


Ocean Diver is the BSAC entry level course. Qualified Ocean Divers are permitted to dive with experienced divers, or divers of a similar grade within specific limits. Ocean Divers are qualified to dive to a maximum of 20 metres.


You need to meet the BSAC medical requirements, be reasonably confident in the water and able to swim 200m

The Course

The Ocean Diver course consists of:

The exact number of pool sessions and open water dives may vary slightly depending on ability, as we make sure everyone progresses at a safe rate.

The training is designed to help new divers understand how to use scuba equipment, safety issues, and provides practical experience of diving. The open water dives give you the chance to try your new skills. You will start with a shallow dive to get you settled, before getting progressively deeper as you progress.

BSAC provides more information about the Ocean Diver training course.

If you want to learn to dive and we aren't running a course at that time we may suggest that you take a PADI Open Water course with a local PADI dive school and then simply cross over to become a BSAC Ocean Diver. This approach saves time and offers the additional benefit that you can learn to dive and make sure it is for you without having to buy all your gear as the PADI school will provide all the special equipment you need to learn.

After completing the Ocean Diver course, you can continue your training with the next course, Sports Diver