50 Sites Challenge

Inverness Sub Aqua Club celebrates its 50th anniversary this year (2018).  As part of the celebrations we are intending to dive a minimum of 50 different dive sites during the year.  This page lists these sites as they are dived throughout the year.


ID Date Site Location Max.Depth Dive Time Dive Team
1 21-01-2018 An Leth-Allt, Inverinate Loch Duich 57°14.8'N 5°28.3'W tba tba Pete, Ian, Colin, Duncan
2 04-02-2018 Inverinate Church Loch Duich Valerie, Gerard, George, Hilary, Colin, Duncan and Lynne
3 11-02-2018 North Strome Slip Lochcarron Pete, Duncan
4 11-02-2018 Castlebay to North Strome Slip Lochcarron Pete, Duncan
5 18-02-2018 South wall and gullies Achmelvich Bay Pete, Tony, Hannah and Duncan
6 25-02-2018 Kylesku Bridge to Slip Kylesku Pete, Duncan
7 25-02-2018 Kylesku slip to harbour Kylesku Pete, Duncan
8 04-03-2018 Tar Site Loch Duich Pete, Neil, Duncan
9 24-03-2018 Ratagan YHostel shore Loch Duich 6 & 10M -first dives! 30min David M, Gary M, Simon C, Colin W, Neil M
10 25-03-2018 Boat Shed -East reef Loch Duich SW shore 15 & 20M 40min David M, Gary M, Simon C, Colin W, Neil M
11 08-04-2018 Conservation Bay Lochcarron 22 metres 42 minutes Colin, Simon, Sam, Gary, Pete, Jack, Ali and Duncan
12 06-05-2018 SW Shieldaig Island Shieldaig 57°31.5'N 5°39.8'W 21m 36 min Pete, Ian, Colin W, David M, Hilary, Lynne.
13 06-05-2018 NE Shieldaig Island Shieldaig 57°31.6'N 5°39.5'W 20M 30min Neil M + Simon C
14 21-04-2018 Fairweather wreck Loch Broom 57°56.4'N, 5°21.3'W tba tba Colin W+ Kevin L; Donald M+ Pete W
15 21-04-2018 Innisjura Wreck Loch Broom 57°56.3'N, 5°21.2'W tba tba Duncan M+ Tony G
16 21-04-2018 Leac Dhonn shore Loch Broom N57*56.3 W5*21.4 13M 40min Hilary M+ Lynne M; Jack M+ Rory M
17 21-04-2018 Carn Deas shore Loch Broom N57*58.0 W5*26.6 tba tba Jack M +Rory M
18 21-04-2018 Twelve Feet Rock Loch Broom 57°58.3'N, 5°27.4'W 23M tba tba Colin W+ Kevin L; Neil M+ Pete W; Duncan M. +Tony G
19 21-04-2018 Carn Iar NW shore Loch Broom N57*58. W5* 27. tba tba Hilary M+ Lynne M;
20 22-04-2018 Annat Bay wall West Loch Broom N57*54.7 W5*17.4 15M tba Hilary M+ Lynne M; Jack M +Rory M; Colin W+Kevin L
21 0022-04-2018 Annat Bay wall East Loch Broom 57°54.7'N, 5°17.1'W tba tba Neil M +Donald M; ?Duncan M+Tony G?
22 2018-05-26 Loch Hourn 1 of 8 tba tba tba Lynne M, Iain C, Tony G, Gary M
23 2018-05-26 Loch Hourn 2 of 8 tba tba tba Sam C, Simon C, Neil M, David M
24 2018-05-26 Loch Hourn 3 of 8 tba tba tba Lynne M, Iain C, Tony G, Simon C
25 2018-05-26 Loch Hourn 4 of 8 tba tba tba Neil M, David M
26 2018-05-27 Loch Hourn 5 of 8 tba tba tba Lynne M, Simon C, Tony G, Gary M, Hilary M, David M
27 2018-05-27 Loch Hourn 6 of 8 tba tba tba Neil M, Ali C
28 2018-05-27 Loch Hourn 7 of 8 tba tba tba Lynne M, Simon M, Neil M, Ali C,
29 2018-05-27 Loch Hourn 8 of 8 tba tba tba Hilary M, David M, Tony G, Gary M
30 2018-06-03 Planet/Mary Rock Summer Is 57deg58.07N 5deg19.33W tba tba Neil M, Pete W
31 2018-06-03 Fox Pt Summer Is. 58deg01.91N 5deg25.23W tba tba Lynne M, Neil M, Pete W
32 2018-06-04 Shoal off Fox Pt Summer Isles 58deg01.75N, 5deg25.30W tba tba Neil M, Pete W
33 2018-06-04 SW Isle Ristol Summer Isles 58deg02.46N, 5deg27.00W tba tba Neil M, (Graham, Lewis)
34 2018-06-10 Eilean Glas Bay Reiff, 58deg04.8N 5deg27.2W 14M 45min Pete W, Simon C, Lynne M, Neil M
35 2018-06-10 Conservation/Cathedral Cave /Davy Jones' Locker Summer Isles 58deg0.21N 5deg27.04W 12M 45M Pete W, Simon C, Lynne M, Neil M
36 2018-06-10 NE Tanera Beg Channel Summer Isles 58deg04.75N, 5deg27.24W 14M 45min Pete W, Simon C, Neil M
37 2018-07-02 Dores Loch Ness 20M 50min Duncan M, David M, Pete W, (Neil M)
38 2018-07-14 Handa Is tba tba tba tba
39 2018-07-14 Loch Laxford tba tba tba tba
40 2018-07-15 Eilean an Roin, NW of KLB tba tba tba tba
41 2018-07-15 Eilean an Roin, NW of KLB, S tba tba tba tba
42 2018-07-28 N side Coral Island-Sea Grass Loch Eishort, S Skye 57deg09.55N 5deg56.26W 3M 35m Lynne, Neil, George, Gerard
43 2018-07-28 E Strathaird, off Spar Cave L Eishort, S Skye 57deg08.37N 6deg04.13W 16M tba Pete, Iain, George, Gerard,
44 2018-07-29 Ord Bay-Sea Grass L Eishort, S Skye 57deg08.98N 5deg56.09W 3M tba Lynne, George
45 2018-07-29 N side, Sgeir nam Fiadh L Eishort, S Skye 57deg08.92N 5deg 57.09W tba tba Gerard, Iain, Pete, Jillian
46 2018-07-29 Tarskavaig S Rocks L Eishort, S Skye 57deg06.90N 6deg00.47W 18M 42M Lynne, Neil, Pete, Gerard, Ian, ?Jillian
47 2018-04-01 North east face of Oronsay Loch Sunart 13.2 metres 43 mins Gerard, Valerie
48 2018-09-02 Totaig slip Loch Duich 57°16.2'N 5°31.5'W 20.2 metres 89 mins Pete Watson/Gerard Storey and Neil Macinnes/Jillian Hunter
49 2018-09-02 'Hopscotch' 1km from Totaig Loch Duich 57°15.8'N 5°30.9'W 16.7M 35min Jillian H, Neil M, Pete W
50 2018-09-22 Ardmair Bay South End 6m 20minutes Pete Watson, Simon Cameron, Duncan McCormick